MyDC is a digital currency that can only be earned and spent in the MyDC network.

This network provides you with many of the day to day goods and services you may need and means the cash dollars you normally spend can be directed to other life and business needs.

Using MyDC is simple


Person to Person

You can now transfer payment when face to face, in a business or person to person. The easy to use App on your phone becomes your payment gateway to pay or receive payment.

Account to Account

Just like any bank to bank transfer or provider like Pay Pal, you can make a transfer between you and another member. You can push a payment if you are buying something, or you can request a payment if you are selling.


For many members MyDC will be additional earnings and so it is a great opportunity to start investing some of your digital currency away for future benefits. A great list of investments will be available here.


Looking for something specific, then the Wanted to Buy MyDC Marketplace will be where you can advertise to the global MyDC network.

MyDC Google Maps

Want to know where you can spend your MyDC, then the Google Maps MyDC map will show you where every MyDC registered business in the world can be found. This makes booking accommodation, a restaurant or any other business you can think of, easy to find.
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