MyDC Initial Currency Offering (ICO)

As part of our capital raise MyDC plans to launch an Initial Currency Offering.

Members who have registered (free) and completed required KYC procedures will be invited participate in the MyDC Initial Currency Offer.

An exclusive proposal will be made available closer to the time.


Our goal is to raise €30 million to fund as follows:

Head office







Main IT Budget


Accounting Systems Budget


Mobile App Budget


KYC/AML Software


Investment management budget


Marketplace budget




Helpdesk main


Sales/Marketing 8 regions


Helpdesk 8 regions


Any funds in excess of the €30 million we require will be applied to adding other investment options for members.

Members will be able to invest in the ICO using traditional currencies and and a select list of digital currencies (TBC).

Members who participate in the ICO will gain priority to future offers and investments.

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