Launch Timeline

ICO Preparation

1. Finalisation of key partners in our eight global Foundation Entities. These eight partners will be our regional administration, marketing and customer support.
2. Phase one website launched. Enabling distribution of key information, initial client free registration and ability to build client network.
3. Key staff recruitment for our 8 regions
4. Final phase of core database development.
5. Prepare marketing for ICO in Q2, 2018.
6. Open main support office in South East Asia.


1. Launch of ICO program. (Target: €30 million)
2. Fill further partner opportunities not filled prior.
3. Add further to the tech team for finishing software development, scale and load testing.
4. Start the process of confirming a minimum ten fractional investment opportunities to be ready prior to live systems Q2, 2019.
5. Sale team training road show.

Key Partner and Technology Preparation

1. Key partner training programs conducted.
2. Final load testing program
3. Accountancy firm training program rolled out.
4. Bug and hacker testing

IDO Preparation

1. Preparation for IDO
2. Key partner training for IDO
3. Start Marketing for IDO
4. Pre launch International conference, location to be confirmed.

IDO Preparation

1. Launch of IDO
2. Go Live!

Currently completed systems and technology

MyDC owners have already invested several million of their own cash and effort.

Asset protection trusts, for members wanting to protect their investments and tax exposure, available on MyDC.
Asset protection company, for members wanting to protect their investments and tax exposure, available on MyDC.
Investment fractional ownership management and reporting systems, secondary trading market, buy sell and settlement functions system developed by MyDC partners.
ALDS © Agreed Ledger Distribution Sidechain, developed by MyDC.
Several other modules of the MyDC systems have been built and tested over the past years. Prior to launch it is proposed to rebuild these modules to ensure the levels of scalability we require.
© Copyright 2018 - MyDC Network