MyDC Network is a global and stable digital network providing consumers, business’s non-profit’s and governments with an asset and cash backed currency bringing together the benefits of traditional and digital currencies.

In addition to being linked the euro, one of the worlds pre-eminent currencies, the MyDC Network benefits from having a digital currency tied in value to the Euro. This significantly reduces the speculation and bubble risks that are predominant in other digital currencies.

MyDC Network clients will have access to a growing market of fractional investments, enabling small to large investments of their Digital currency, helping build wealth in a way traditional banks and investment vehicles are yet to adapt.



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Create Your Personal WealthMyDC Investments

MyDC investments is focused on fractional investment. This means a lot of people with small investments. Our goal is that these investments will predominantly enable you to invest your MyDC currency and obtain returns in either cash or MyDC or both. investment opportunities


  • Initial Concept and Road Blocks

    The growth of the internet saw an opportunity for global connections, currency and investment. The founders of MyDC invested significantly in legal opinions and structures in an effort to bring a global currency vision to life.

    The road block at the time was technology, with proof of concepts only viable at a small level that would not scale and the investment required was well beyond achievable.

    Based on these road blocks, the founders concentrated on other opportunities while waiting for the technology to mature.

  • Technological Maturity and Development

    The technology required began to show merit, with many concepts and digital currencies developed by a range of businesses with varying level of success. The market was still averse to the concept and many digital currencies operated with a main focus on facilitating non-bank transfers of wealth in areas of the internet.

    The MyDC Founders kept a watch on the technology and its entrants and used the opportunity to adapt and improve the company’s Technology Scope document.

  • The Revolution Arrives

    The Digital Currency revolution arrives in the common market. Digital Currencies undergo a major boost driving speculation across many markets. While the benefits of Digital Currencies become apparent, the incredible volatility drives market concerns and creates the opportunity that the founders of MyDC have been waiting for.

    MyDC has already developed a new generation of block chain style technology (the Agreed Ledger Distribution Sidechain ALDS ©). The combination of using Block Chain and ALDS provides MyDC with a significant technological advantage. There is a clear market desire for a Digital Currency that avoids the significant volatility and lack of surety that exists in current Digital Currencies and so the MyDC vision is finally ready for realisation.

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