Who are we?

MYDC is fully owned by the Principality of Cogito.

What is the benefit?

By 2020 you will be able to trade Cogito Cogs in day to day life.

How can I get started?

Register in MYDC to start earning Cogs.



Membership Options

Free Registration

  • All MyDC accounts are established for you on registration.
  • You can refer others to MyDC via your personal referral link.
  • You can start earning commission from the activity of others in your network.
  • There is no expiry on commissions earned.
  • You will have access to training and marketing support.
  • You will be able to become a Digital Citizen at anytime in the future.

Digital Citizens

Digital Citizens will have access to all the benefits of Cogito. The Principality of Cogito is a safe haven and a decentralised economy. In Cogito you have the ability to build wealth for both yourself and for others.


Unlike other digital currencies, the Cog is a global but centralised system where every transaction can be traced. We employ extensive KYC and AML systems to ensure the integrity of the Cog.

Trusts & Companies Registration

Provides a legal structure to not only secure assets but to control tax liabilities in your country of residence. Furthermore we use blockchain storage systems for documents for trusts, companies and investments.

The Principality of Cogito uses MYDC to bridge the gap between bitcoin and traditional finance with a digital currency for everyday transactions and provides a place for business and investment with the highest level of personal security. Find out more

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